Lowell Rural Fire Protection District



lowell_fire_patch5khWEB.bmp    Main Office, 389 N. Pioneer St., Lowell, Oregon 97452 Phone 541-937-3393  



Public Use Restrictions have been reduced slightly (Campfires are allowed in designated campgrounds - if the campground host agency permits, mowing of dry grass is permitted before 10am and again after 8pm). 

The Unit Foresters will be monitoring the fuels and weather conditions to make adjustments as needed for fire danger rating.  We will continue to monitor the weather & conditions and if/when IFPL changes may be necessary, we will keep everyone updated as any changes occur.

Board of Directors Meeting Night Changed

The meeting of the Fire District Board of Directors has changed to the Second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm, at the Lowell Fire Station.  For additional information contact the district office at 541-937-3393. 



Community Emergency Notification System

Public safety agencies in Lane County are expanding the capabilities of their Community Emergency Notification System, or CENS, so that public officials can reach more members of the community with timely alert and warning information.  With CENS and the "Alert Me" registration, critical emergency situation information can be relayed to you.  Owners of VoIP or cellular phone lines can now receive the same emergency message as those with land-line phones, but only if they register.

Learn more about the CENS and VoIP emergency alerting systems by going to www.lcog.org/alertme

There you can register for emergency alerts and learn more about the system.  Be aware.  Be alert.  Register Today.


Learn about Home Fire Escape Planning - Click Here 

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Resident Volunteer Postions Available

The Resident Volunteer Program provides station living accommodations, educational opportunities and experience in Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services. For more information on the Resident Program contact Chief Hoehn at 541-937-3393 or follow this link for an application and information.

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